Friday, July 13, 2012

Loud Music at work

I don't play music at all in my workplace but that doesn't mean I don't hear music all day long because my neighbors played loud music and mind you, not just one but three of them play music on their computers and it's a bit loud for everyone of us in the whole floor. Honestly I am annoyed . I am not the type who wants music when I do work here  because I need all my concentration for my boss. I don't want to miss a dictation just because I can't hear him properly.

However, I can tolerate it if I'm home or with my husband, especially now that they are recording. With him, I'm used to sounds of electric guitars and drums. Guitars have been a part of our married life ever since I married him. (and I dare not show him this gibson firebird electric guitar or else I'll have him drooling for this again) Anyways, so I'm kinda used to loud music at home and in church but in the OFFICE where I need all my mind and effort I don't think It would help.

Now my problem really is how to tell them to turn that volume a little bit lower or maybe I should just tell them to get their own earplugs right?

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  1. That and not everyone likes the same kind of music either. Play something I don't like and it's awful. Makes working very difficult.

    Have a terrific day. :)