Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend night

We spent the night in our friends house last night, last weekend in another friend's house and we both loved and enjoyed it. Shame on us because we invited ourselves, the reason? we're missing our godchildren and sleepover sounds nice so there, we invited our selves Our friends being good to us accepted our invitation :D I do not know though where we will be next Friday, let's just wait and see...

But anyways, we were with this cute little girl last night She's 9 months tomorrow and she now can stand on her own, she's still afraid though to take baby steps and actually walk without holding to anything or anyone, she looks like she needs a roll about when she does that but in no time for sure she'll be walking and running around like there's no tomorrow :)

And my bad because we fed her ice cream much to her delight :) but nope, we didn't feed her those popcorns, just few of them :D her mom doesn't mind though.

Have a happy weekend everyone! Enjoy life :D


  1. What a cutie pie she is too. I'm glad you had a great visit.

    Have a terrific weekend too. :)

  2. hahahaha. invite natin sarili natin kila jiji ate. hahahaha