Friday, April 27, 2012

Accessories : Bib necklaces

I do not have any valuable jewelries, you know the kind of jewelries that was passed on from your grandma and to your mom and to you, I would have love that because it makes it special right? But it's okay though because really I'm not fond of jewelries at all, the only thing I wear on a regular basis is my engagement and wedding ring.

I wear earrings to on special occasions but mostly fancy earrings like sterling silver earrings or pearl and sometimes dangling type, but I am okay without it. I think I'm more of accessories girl because you can buy it cheap ( anything cheap is good to me..hehe!) When I was younger, I often buy necklaces and bangles and used them everyday but things have changed ( I guess it does when you get older) now most of my accessories are stashed in a can :( But I still feel the "joy" when you see something that you like, my face still light up when I browse accessories in the mall..or online :) like every other woman I guess.

Now, these bib necklaces are so in and I am thinking, can I wear them too?

images source : bijou (multiply seller)     
image source : jewelry acce world
They are all nice no?

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  1. They are nice but for young folks. Not us old folks. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)