Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday lunch @ Racks

Good morning!

I have so much to blog :) It was a one full weekend for me and the husband. Full but of course happy.

Saturday, we went to Mall of Asia (MOA), with my very good friend J-mie of She treated us for a sumptuous lunch at Racks with his cute son in tow. It was a late birthday treat ( birthday is extended) Thank you Lord!

My husband and I enjoyed the flame grilled ribs that falls off the bone :) see this big serving? how can you not be so full?

 my husband's potato salad
 and my mac and cheese side dish..super cheesy!!
and yes, I ate rice this whole weekend :(
unlimited ice tea :D

anyways, after lunch we strolled around for a bit, as usual my husband checked on guitars and other music gadgets, he even persuaded Jakob to take a look too!
but the little one wanted to see books instead :)
I'm sure in no time, this little boy will soon be checking gadgets and who knows moebius models too, you see..their model cars and kits are hits to hobbyist and if not only expensive I'm sure my husband would want to have them too.

but as the mommy said, don't grow too fast baby, we would like to enjoy you more :)

before heading home that afternoon, we had a halo-halo from Razons which is one of the best halo-halo in town.

Again, thank you J-mie for that wonderful treat! till next time :)

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  1. Lunch looked fabulous. Now I'm hungry.

    Glad you extended your birthday a bit further. Excellent. :)