Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What to franchise?

After our ministry meeting last Sunday night, my friend and I were able to talk and discuss again about food business. Early this year, we made a plan of opening a small food/coffee shop together with our friends but we later realized that it will cost us a lot even if we purchase used restaurant equipment and other second hand stuff. Plus we can't find the best location for the stall.

Now, months later, we are having thoughts again but thinking if franchising would be best for us. If we franchise, it will cost us less and the fact that there will be support from the company where we bought it is a big factor. And most of the franchising company now offer to help you find the best location. But what to franchise is our next big question. There are loads out there and we heard most of them are earning.

I just wish this will materialize next year. Investing in a small business has been our long time dream and making it big and then finally giving up our day jobs to focus on that business.

But now, the question remains..what to franchise?

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  1. Food service is very hard work so keep it simple. I like the franchise idea to have the support and help you need. Good luck.

    Have a terrific days. :)