Monday, October 10, 2011

Party and Sound System

We attended a dedication and birthday party this weekend. We had fun! It's great to see friends with their kids in tow :)

The venue and party was great but the husband said the sound system was not that good. Of course my husband has an "ear" and he somehow knows if it sounds good or not. Good thing he didn't say that the HDTV Soundbar Speaker from boston acoustic is way much better,  for sure the people from the venue will be offended if ever. Although for us with ordinary ears, there's no problem except for that occasional feedback from the microphone which didn't bother most of the guests at all.

Anyways, sound system can also make or break a party. I once a heard a horror story of a party where the sound system failed and the party host had to shout from the top of his voice so the guests could hear him. :( Good thing it have not happened to any of my "parties" yet.

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