Saturday, June 18, 2011

Long Weekend at last!

And I have to thank our National hero Dr. Jose Rizal for that..because the country is celebrating his 150th birthday there will be no work on Monday.:) I'm more than happy.

And a lot is going to happen this weekend.

Today,Saturday we did our Hygiene Day activity. Tomorrow is Father's Day and in the afternoon right after the Sunday Service, we're heading to Rizal Re-creation for our Ministry team's retreat. It's a full long weekend for me :) But still I'm happy and that's all because there is no work on Monday. I so love long weekend!!

Anyways, I plan to burn lots of calories while we are in Rizal re-creation, I plan to take advantage of all the things I can do there. I'll probably run around, swim, do some ball games with the team (if possible) and if there is an available zumba dancing session, why not join di ba? I heard it's becoming popular now.

I really hope I can do much there. I mean move and move and burn fats! So when I get back to work on Monday, I'll have enough energy for the week.

And guess what? next week is a long weekend again for us! yey!! Did I just say I super love long weekend? Hehe! enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. Have a terrific long weekend. Long weekends rock.

    Have a terrific day. Happy father's day to all the fathers in your life. :)