Saturday, April 23, 2011

off from work :0

I am so happy I have 6 days off from work and for me that's a major reprieved from my everyday source of stress and headache.(but still am thankful I have work and a steady source of income)

And I wish none of my friends would ever need the service of a San Diego Domestic Violence Defense lawyer or any defense lawyer (more so of domestic violence) especially here in the Philippines because I know how much tedious, hard and long is a legal battle here. I currently deal with legal matters where my boss is concerned and I tell you it's pure head ache, most of the time I find my self praying for them to be over soon but it's been three years and we're not even in the middle of our legal battles. It's far from being over.

As a matter of fact I left in the office a lot of pending paper works and that awaits me when I get back on Wednesday but for now I have three more days free of office work and for that I am extremely thankful. 

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