Monday, March 14, 2011

Keep on Praying for Japan

Have you been praying for Japan? I hope so and I hope we keep on praying for all nations, don't you notice? Disaster has been happening from one country to another- natural calamities such as earthquakes, flood and man made calamities such as war and a lot more. It sure did captured our attention right? I hope we are not just expectator from what is happening but I do hope we all are doing something. Not everyone of us can go there but everyone of us can offer a prayer for those who was hit by calamities.

And with the International Rescue -Philippines included now in Japan, equipped with roadside assistance plan, with the latest rescue equipment, armed with the heart to help- I hope people of Japan recover sooner than they expected. I pray that those who have suffered loss find comfort in knowing that there are people ready to help and assist them and most of all that there is God that that can always run to.

God bless everyone..Stay Safe :)

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