Thursday, February 03, 2011

Two weeks

Two weeks to go and we're moving finally to the house that will be our home for a year or two. It's a studio type room but is big enough for me and my husband. I am excited to arrange and fix the place so it would look and feel homey, right now I am picturing of what color the wall should be, we visited it before and we thought it needs a new wall paint and I wish I can afford chic, minimal but modern furniture but that has to wait till we have our "own home" already. I'll settle for what I have now.

You can say I am excited but I am also dreading the day we have to pack our things again :( Just thinking of it makes me feel tired. The boxes and all the stuff..I just hope there would be someone available to help us on that day. calling all my friends out there!! hehe!

Anyways, it's been two weeks also since we moved in to the church' missions center. and we still have two weeks to enjoy.

Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. I know you'll fix up your new place to be very homey. Good for you. I too hate to move, but sometimes you just have to move. Time to get rid of stuff you don't want or need.

    Have a terrific day. :)