Friday, November 12, 2010

Online business-why she's successful?

My friend from way back ventured into selling clothes online months ago and from the looks of it, she's doing good and probably earning more than what she expected. I know a lot of people are venturing into online business now but not all are doing good. I mean I have tried selling online but I guess I am not made for it (in the first place I know I am not good in selling anything-online or offline)

So how come others made it and others not in doing online business?

Thinking of my friend- I guess I know what it is. You have to have the heart for what you do. I think she's successful in selling clothes because she loves clothes, she loves dressing up, she loves fashion and she loves shopping. Now put all that "love" into business and guess what you get right?

And now that everything can be bought online and everything can be search online I can say it's time to put your business online if you have businesses. I do all my search online, if we need a cheap place to stay when we are traveling I search for it in the internet and I am given thousands of possibilities and options. When I was looking for a house to rent-I did it online too. Same when the boss asked me to look for insurances- I just type cheap auto insurance online and it's there. Hundreds to choose from.

And because I am not good in selling I guess I'll have to settle for just being the end user for now. :) who knows someday I'll have my own online business too.

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