Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Office work = Wrinkle

I am not kidding, I really need to use now an anti wrinkle creams that work. I've been working and working and working late since last week! I hope my moisturizer and facial wash is still working good for my face because I've been neglecting my beauty (naks) for quite sometime now. Wrinkle, please go away!

And as if working all week is not enough, My weekend was pure work too. I know I am always ranting about my work here but what can I do? and besides it's my blog. hehe!

Although on the other side, I am thankful I have work which means I have a steady income but please I need a break!! 

Oh well, at least it is a long weekend this weekend so I am hoping I'll get the break I am wishing!!!

Goodnight everyone!!

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