Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sports anyone?

I was never into sports, not even when I was young, elementary or high school or even in college. I was not physically involve to any extra curricular activities in school back then. But you know what? During my first year of teaching, I was tasked to teach a bunch of kids a MAPE subject . MAPE means Music, Arts, and P.E. So imagine my horror when it was time to teach them volleyball while I was terrified to even hit the ball. But then  I conquered my fear, I was able to finish that school year and didn't quit in the middle. I never played volleyball again in my whole life.

I wish I was as sporty as my cousin who played volleyball professionally. I do not have any particular sports I like but definitely atv racing is out of it. I do not like extreme sports.It's scary and I wouldn't dare do that although I love watching such with my husband.

Probably I can try tennis or badminton. Time to get fit.

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