Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good and Bad

I'll write two things today..good and bad, so where do you want me to start? bad or good? well, I'll begin with the good one.

GOOD : I walked today, so it's a pretty good start. Normally when we go to grocery (cash and carry) to be specific, we'll be in our motorbike but thanks to my nephews staying with me, I decided we all walk all the way there and up to our church. I plan to walk every evening and this time I WILL DO IT. So it means no apidexin or any diet pills anymore.

BAD : I still feel strange. I mean I am OK but something deep inside is wrong. Have I gone crazy? I hope not. It's just that, when all seems perfectly ok and good, there's this feeling that it is not. And I guess I know what's wrong with me.

It's Sunday tomorrow and I should sleep now. I hope things will get better tomorrow!

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