Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time Saving Tips

Time saving tips

• Start with “A-priority” tasks, is what you’re doing the best use of your time?
• Fight procrastination; do it now if it’s important.
• Subdivide large tasks into smaller, easy to accomplish segments.
• Establish a quiet time
• Find a hide away such as a library
• Learn to say no when you have something important to do.
• Learn to delegate
• Accumulate similar tasks and do them all at one time.
• Throw away junk mail. Try to handle paper only once.
• Avoid perfectionism
• Avoid over – commitment and over – scheduling
• Set time limits
• Concentrate on what you are doing
• Use big blocks of time for big jobs
• Think the job through before acting
• Finish as you go; get it right the first time.

Source: make your day count: devotions for women pp 84

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