Saturday, November 14, 2009

Property Management

Thank God it's Friday!! oh..sorry it's actually Saturday morning now. But still am thankful I can spend time in the internet! been sleeping early for two days now and early means past 11 PM.

anyways, just want to share with you this Real Property Management company if you need help in renting your place, or in collection or even with the eviction part. They recently got the "Franchise of the Year, honorable mention award" so that must be something. In dealing with your property you always need one whom you can trust, someone that will work for your benefits. That means less hassle and less headache.

Speaking of hassle and headache, I hope hubby's absence for 10 days (he'll leave Monday for the mission trip) would not give me headache and hassle. Just thinking I'll have to wake up early to prepare my own breakfast, ride a cab or a jeepney to and from the office. Sigh. I will surely miss him.

Got to go now. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


  1. Glad that you informed me about this real property management. This will help me keep track my finances.

  2. I like reading your blog.