Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My realistic birthday wish list

The first one I made is really a “wish” list, I wanted to make a list that I hope to have finish by the end of my birthday month as I am sure I’ll not be able to have or do them all on or before my birthday which is only 5 more days to go.

1. I want to pamper my self, nails, hair , a spa or a massage and a facial treatment. I need that badly na kasi I look so old and I feel so ugly na.
2. A new pair of jeans
3. A new flat shoes
4. a good book to read
5. one trip to a nice restaurant with hubby of course

We are really on the tipid mode these days because of the mission’s trip so I am willing to wait. Anyways, the trip itself is a precious gift na. We’re traveling right after the day of my birthday.

Wish with me dear friends or better yet pray with me.

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