Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The List

Personal things I would like to accomplish this year, this is not really a new year’s resolution, just wanted to write what I would want to do for this year. And will get back to this list from time to time to check If I’m doing/accomplishing them. You wanna bet what’s on the top of my list?

1. Lose weight – at least 2 lbs each month so by the time of J-mie’s wedding I’m 20 lbs lighter already. I set the goal for only 2 lbs para it’s doable. I’m just being realistic. Kasi what’s the sense of setting it at like 2 lbs per week if you know you can’t do it naman di ba?

2. Eliminate 1 credit card debt – Ugh I know I can do it. Looks like hard but with determination I will do it. I’m still looking for strategies and tips but I guess the first thing to do is stop using it. Cut it now Rocks.

3. Change sleeping and waking up time – This I am not so sure If I can do it. But I just wish I could change that bad habit of mine, sleeping so late thus waking up so late.

4. Finish the wedding photo book/album – MY GOSH!!! 3 years in the making, don’t you think it’s time to finish it? Hehe!

5. A trip somewhere in the SOUTH of the Philippines – because I’ve been going to the NORTH for the past three years. I would love to visit Palawan soon.

That’s my top five. I’ll list down later things/stuff I want to buy for myself this year and post it too. It’s good to have a list no? Kasi you can always take a look and feel good when you see most of the items in your list may check na meaning you’re done with it.

So what’s on your list for this year?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by to visit me today! You are welcome to follow, drop by as often as you like...the more the merrier!

    I like your list of "goals" for 2009...very realistic and attainable.

    As for the debt...we are doing the same thing. We are following the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover...he has a website that is helpful if you can't find the book.

    Have a wonderful day!