Friday, December 12, 2008

I love personalized gifts!

I love receiving and giving personalized gifts. On the first year of being married I received a personalized notepad that has my new married name in it and I super love it. Why? Because when we receive something like that we know that it’s really meant for us and it also means that you matter a lot to that someone who gave you that gift.

One memorable gift I gave also which is not even expensive was when I bought a black mug for each of my friend I personalized it by having their names printed on the mug and then I wrote a short letter put it inside the mug and then wrapped it. It might not be expensive but it’s very special.

Personalized gifts don’t have to be expensive. Right now, there is a 20% off on personalized holiday gifts availabe at Their products might be the perfect gift for you’re looking for your teachers, boss or even friends.

I love the wooden usb flash drives. I find it unique and nice and of course the pens are always a good choice. When I buy gifts I consider if it’s something that will be useful to the recipient in that way I’m quite assure that they really appreciate the gifts I gave them. Now that computer is essential to one’s life, custom flash drives would be such a nice gift to get. It’s even nicer when you personalized it.


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