Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Food season

It’s the season!! Yes. It’s the season where everyone is having a party. It’s the season where there is an abundance of food. It’s the season where no one is counting the calories intake. It’s the season of good food. It’s the season of having only one major excuse for eating too much. It’s Christmas.

We are not even on the 20th of the month and I have been to several Christmas parties. And of course I have eaten a lot, will still eat a lot on the next few weeks until the holiday is over. Extra pounds here it comes. Do I need a tummy tuck? I think so.

You can’t help it especially when you are being offered delicacies that tickles your buds right?

Now for those who worries a lot about their figures. Oh yes I do but I worry even more of not being able to enjoy good food during holidays so eating wins over worrying about the figure. On a second thought, do I have a figure? Lol

Back to those who worry about their slim figure, I guess you guys know what to do, you wouldn’t be on a slim figure if you don’t. But anyways, there will always be an available plastic surgeon for you. If you’re in Los Angeles or Beverly hills, you can visit Rodeo Drive plastic surgery clinic anytime you want that extra fats off your waist. They also do liposuction which is now also popular here not only among celebrities but to common people also. And as I go through their website, I saw that they also do breast augmentation, they can really make you look beautiful from taking those unwanted pounds to giving you that voluptuous look.

I think one important thing to consider when you go plastic surgery is the safety of the procedure and one should be very well informed of what the doctors are going to do in her body.

So, this Christmas eat all you want, worry about the figure later. Let us all enjoy the holidays.


  1. that what i'm doing. christmas is about food and parties. I can't resist them. i worry about my figure after the new year.

    merry christmas.

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