Monday, November 24, 2008

A flat belly diet for us

Good morning everyone!

It’s Monday and the last week of November. One more week to go and it’s already the month of Christmas. Month of many Christmas parties, this is the month where there are lots of good foods being served everywhere. So be careful and watch what you eat this coming month, especially those who are figure and health conscious.

I read about a new kind of diet that targets specifically the belly. I know for most women wants a flat belly and most women do have problems in that part. So reading about a Flat Belly Diet interests a lot of girls out there like me. I would want to try this one also, again for the nth time I’m gonna go try to diet to lose those unwanted pounds.

I’ve been on a lot of diet but it seems losing weight is so hard. I know exactly what I need. A strong motivation that would really push me to lose that weight, to discipline my self and to exercise.

Going back to this flat belly diet, right now prevention magazine is looking for group of women who would like to try it for free as stated up there. According to them it requires no exercise so I think that would be easy considering you’re targeting your belly. So that means you don’t need to dance until you die. lol and you don’t need to do a hundred sit-ups till you run out of breath. Sounds nice enough. Let’s go and do it!


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