Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food business

I saw a house for rent that is very near to where we live now, It's a good venue to have a store, I'm actually thinking of selling cook foods. I inquired and the rent is at 12,500 monthly so I have to think it over if it's worth it. I always dream of having my own small business someday and I don't and will never give up on that dream. I know I don't have enough money yet but I could always avail of a Business Loans from the many banks that offer such. I just have to present a good business plan. My cousin and I are also thinking of putting up a preschool in front of their house, we are considering of an internet cafe too. I have never tried acquiring Business loan before but I heard from a friend that it is not hard as I thought it was. offers loans also, they're big help to someone who is looking for additional capital for their existing business and according to the site it is hassle free, they don't even ask for documents when you avail of $200,000 +. And this is what caught my attention too you can even apply Business Loan without submitting any business plan at all. Sigh. I wish banks here would offer the same service too.

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