Friday, September 05, 2008

Excuse ME???

I don’t know if I have flirting abilities, I don’t even know If I have ever flirted in my whole life or maybe am not just aware of it, well, if you girls out there reading this wants to know your flirting abilities? Or you wanna play Ultimate Flirting Championship? C’mon it’s so cool! And who knows after playing that game, those NBSB –read No Boyfriend Since Birth can already have their moves and be on their way on a happy love life. Of course sans the worst pick up line.

Well, if you realized after that game that you really have no flirting abilities, then you should have Victory Hair, one that will capture someone’s eye, you know how important the hair for us girls right? So keep that beautiful as always, make it like the Extreme Style by VO5. I’m sure guys will notice it.

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