Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've got a printer!!

Got a not so new printer! yeppee! It was a blessing indeed, because just last week we we're talking about it and God heard us..haha! My new officemate has an extra HPdeskjet 3940 at her home and she said she is not using it and offered to lend it to me, what amazes me was I didn't ask her nor mentioned to her that I need a printer. God works indeed.

I just finish installing it and tried printing a page and it worked just fine.

Thank God for another blessing, oh did I mention that this PC we are using at home is also a blessing? yes, it was a gift fom my very good friend Jerlyn, she gave it to us after thier wedding and before they left for the US.
I might rant sometimes but still I am blessed.

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