Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's payday!

It’s payday today, but I have yet to see my pay slip. I’m quite excited because I want to see how much the twenty pesos and the tax thing affected my semi monthly salary. I’m hoping it will bring some difference not in my pay slip but in our daily lives as well. I’m more hopeful that once I already paid the salary loan I had, it will be easier to me to erase those credit card bills.

I’m actually thinking of having another loan just to steer clear of the high interest credit cards. How I wish the no credit payday loan is available here too. offers them and I find it so easy, they even offer something like faxless payday loan.

For the meantime, I have to continue what I am doing and work even harder for me to reach my goal. I’m hoping and praying that two years from now we will be debt free or if not totally free at least eighty percent of what we are paying now. I want to see myself two years from now doig the small business I had in mind. Work hard, work hard, work hard and If that is still not enough, we can still find other ways. I know for sure.

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