Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gve and go technorati experiment

Got this tag from abelle days ago, I'm gonna give it a try. Hope this helps us all.

This experiment has 4 simple steps.1. Copy The List Below into a blog post of yours.2. Add Your Link To The List3. Comment on this post and leave your links so the web crawlers can get to your blog and at the same time, leave your comment and links to the original post so your blog will be included on the master list. Got to include your blog on the master list.4. Watch Your Authority Sky-Rocket..

*–Copy Here - Technorati Authority–*
1. Brad - Daily Blog Tips For The Masses 2. Daily Blogging Tips At The Daily Rambler3. Blog Chews - Blog About Anything4. Steve v4.6 - Big Made Small5. GIVEAWAY CITY6. Indo - Find the Latest Contest Here7. POTPOLITICS-We Smoke the Competition 8. ATA - AskTheAdmin.com9. Dolly’s Daily Diary10. The Tech Juice - Tech Tips And More11. Wendy’s OBA, Blog Tips & Tricks12. Wendy’s Reel - Fact And Fancy13. A Grateful Heart14. 50+Whatever..Just some Ramblings in Life16. The Blog for DesignCreatology17. Contest Whiz - The Blog Contest Expert18. About Blog Contests19. Esmeraldasblog - Como aumentar la Authority de Technorati20. Best Widgets for free - Blog Widgets21. New life by Pitonizza22. Todo Seiya - Como aumentar la Authority de Technorati23. Blog for Spanish Readers24. The Blogger And The Blog25. Hero Help26. Makmalcyber27. Forex Study28. Techyplus29. 830. Darn Good Reviews31. Blogger Tips - DotBlogger32. Lilyruths This and That 33. That Blog 4 Me34. Pinoytek - Make Money Online and SEO Blog35. Snigit(blogspot)36. Snigit(.com)37. Best Of The Web38. Swat the Fly39. Area300040. Shut Up And Eat41. Find Torrent Blog42. Cebu in the World43. Web Design44. Trestin Adventures45. Ask Trestin46. Trestin Autobiography47. Trestin Ideas48. Trestin Gallery49. Trestin Games50.(Impressive Results!) Trestin Hall Of Fame51. Trestin History52. Parnell Forever53. Trestin Political54. Trestin Spiritual55. Trestin Sports56. Trestin Store - Yep, Each One Of These Are Different Blogs.57. The Ordinary Agung58. Il blog di Luca Marchi59. What About Brazil?60. Shri Rada Blog61. Hawaiian Travel Blog62. Hawaii Cruise Superstore63. GadgetHeat!64. Over The Sky65. Yavinator log66. I Travel to Work do you?67. The Home Page of Tony Smith, Writer of Comic Books, Articles & Screenplays68. Ultimate Credit Online69. The Rhythm of Write70. A Hoosier Family71. Analyzed Marketing Solutions72. O2S Media73. Project Swole - Fitness and Nutrition74. Life is simple, Don’t make it complicated75. Yet Another Blog from Marco Ciacci76.Vhiel’s Corner77. Anything and Everything in Between78. Designs By Vhiel79. Can of Thoughts81. Only in Silence 82. Through the Rain 83. Your Spot Here– Keep on joining!! Benefit yourself + the people above!joining!! Benefit yourself + the people above!

I'm tagging everyone, who knows this might help us all. Keep the dice rolling!

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