Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I need a vacation please

Went home from the office earlier than usual yesterday because of a terrible headache. I don't know hat triggered it, I was just doing some research about Iron ore and was glued to the computer when I suddenly felt different. I was cold and felt weak and the headache. Should I balme the indexes on metals and numbers on bloomberg and other metals site? because just plain looking at them is a sure source of headache na for me.

Hubby was surpprised to see me when I reached home, becaus eit's only 5 PM, he actually asked why i didn't call or texted him to pick me up. I didn't bother to answer, went straight to bed and tried to sleep. He applied efficasent oil and massaged my forehead and it felt good. I was able to sleep and woke up at around 8:00 na.

And because I feel okay already, we were able to attend a small birthday swimming party of our good friend Andrew. I guess the warm water of the pool did good on me. I felt more relaxed afterwards.

Right now I am wishing I could have at least a 5 day straight vacation, I think I needed a day off from everything. I feel weak and parang I get tired agad.Maybe the vacation would regenerate some energy for me. wish ko lang.

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