Friday, April 11, 2008

Ten (Five) reason why I blog

Caca tagged me and I'm honored..I just had a hard time listing down 10 but I will try.

1. It’s my diary or journal or sort of – whatever you can call it. I love wrting my thoughts and my emotions. I still do keep a notebook where I write my innermost thoughts. Kasi ditto di masyado ko maisulat. J

2. I gained a lot of friends –blogger friends and though the friendship is limited through the net. I enjoy it.

3. It relaxes me- it keeps my mind off from the source of my everyday stress such as work.

4. I earn extra money from this – though I have yet to hold real cold cash out of money blogs,still the thought that you are earning is enough to keep me inspired.

5. It keeps me connected – to the blogosphere and to the web wide world.

Sorry I can only mention five reasons for now..I guess that says it all. J
To everyone, please feel free to get this tag too as mentioned by Caca, just don’t forget to link back okies?

Start to copy:

Ten Reasons Why I Blog. 1. Mel Avila Alarilla 2.Caca, 3. Rocks' Through the Rain

Happy blogging everyone!

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  1. i'm sure the other five will come to you one at a time, hehehe! apir apir!