Thursday, April 24, 2008

Even through heavy rains...

it is already thursday..

tonight, I'm scheduled to speak/share to singles fellowship. I really do not know what to share. I depend on God and God alone, although I've prepared something, I still want God's will if He ever want something different for me to share.

It's been rough days for me since Saturday..Actually, I didn't wanna go to church last Sunday,more so sing in the congregation but God didn't allow it. I cried my heart out to Him and it's amazing how He has given me peace that day.

But just as I am being comforted by Him, another "not so good situation" came again Monday and I thought I would flare up and leave everything na lang. He is really testing my patience, my obedience and everything in me.

I can say I'm a bit ok now, inspite of another bad news last see..when it rain it pours..I know even through heavy rains..He is with me and will be with me always.

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  1. Yes he is with us every minute of our life... Thanks for the visit my friend