Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coffee Break

As usual, I’m one week late..but still the good thing is I’m still having it! Naks..

Coffee break 1.3

What was your high school graduation song?

Honestly, I do not remember..The first time I saw this question, I’ve been trying so hard to remember the song but I failed, I hope it’s as easy as other’s graduation song, like “Farewell” or “High School Life” or the one that caca mentioned..but it’s not. I guess we had a different and a not so common graduation song..anyways, this is very timely because our high school batch will behave ing it’s first homecoming on May 10. I’ll ask everyone if they could still remember it and can still sing some part of it.

Coffee break 1.4

What are your top 3 scariest movies?

Before, (read : that was long time ago) I enjoy horror movies, I am always terrified but still I love watching..but I changed years ago. I don’t like watching it na, so forgive me if the movies I’ll list down are long ago movies pa.

1. The blairwitch project- at that time, I thought the movie was for real so it scared me a lot.

2. The grudge – I almost regretted seeing it. I was really scared.

3. Can’t think of number 3-

(note to self : schedule one real coffee break with friends-miss it so much!)

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