Monday, April 21, 2008

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What is your budgeting secret?

I’m so affected with all these prices going up and up. First the rice, before I don’t worry about it too much, when we ran out of rice, I can always run to my sister who has a supplier of a good and cheap rice, but now she don’t buy na sacks like she used too because of the price increase nga.

And then the meat, (sigh) sometimes I don’t wanna go to grocery na lang nga. I’m actually afraid if the budget I allotted for our food will still suffice. That I have yet to know because I still have to do buy our grocery supplies for the next 2 weeks.

Jan, I don’t have a budgeting secret. I make do of what I have. It’s as simple as that. If we don’t have budget for “this” at this time, then we don’t buy “that”, except of course for the essentials.

I usually don’t buy branded items, when I am at the grocery store, I compare prices before in cooking oil, I compare at least two the same “soya or canola oil” then buy the cheaper one.

We cut on our fast food trips, and even on our movie dates.

And this one I only learned lately, I don’t bring extra money with me whenever we go out so it would not lead us to impulse buying..and I’m making good at it. The last time we went to divisoria for my friend’s wedding, I only have two hundred pesos in my pocket, and divisoria is very tempting because of the super low price but sometimes I do end up buying things that I don’t really really need. So the last time, I didn’t buy anything talaga pero if you have extra money with you..naku you’ll be tempted to buy this and that.

Now, I don’t buy what we don’t need, whenever hubby suggests of buying something, I ask him immediately, do we need it or do we only want it?

I read a lot about money matters and savings. I have a goal of being debt free (credit card) kasi in the years to come. I hope I’ll be successful.

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