Thursday, March 13, 2008

planning my own online store

Been wanting to have my own domain for quite sometime now but due to my limited knowledge about internet, html codes and website designing,I'm still learning and planning it so well, However I still want it badly and I’m sure I will be getting one someday, and I know it’s gonna be soon!! I am so jealous of those who have their own domain and can tickle with it anytime and I’m more jealous of those who have their online store, those who sell online and have that big extra income.

And because I really wanted to learn, I keep on browsing and browsing the net and recently chanced upon this site who offers
e-commerce software and also shopping cart software. Ashop Commerce helps their customers in advancing their online business by giving good advices and they actually offers total solutions. And what more there is? According to the site it is easy and very affordable and that two would be the most important thing to me if I am to start my own online store. EASY and AFFORDABLE.

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