Monday, March 10, 2008

Are U addicted to anything?

I have never encountered nor meet someone that is addicted to gambling, I just cannot imagine a person being addicted to it. I thought one can only be addicted to drugs, alcohols, coffee, internet, computers, blogs and many more but not to gambling..oh well, maybe I’m just too na├»ve to know.

But of course, I was wrong. Last week someone I knew made a letter to the local Casino Manager and requested someone to be banned from going there. He mentioned in his letter that this guy has been showing signs of being addicted to gambling.. thus, forgetting family responsibilities and losing a lot of money.sigh.

But with the internet, how can you stop gambling? Now a days, you don’t have to go to the casino to gamble, Just a click with your mouse and you can gamble right there in your own room anytime of the day..another sigh there. Pretty convenient right? Of course that’s with the online casino, and surprisingly there are lots of them available in the net. Like clicking this will give you an enormous online casino reviews you can just go here and presto! The list of the casinos are endless.

Now, tell me how can anyone stop someone from being addicted to gambling?

Thank heavens I’m only addicted to coffee and blogging.

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