Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ano daw??

Naaliw ako dito..sobra! not really naaliw on Brian’s plight but to his so called insider’s scoop about manila’s high society, I admit I don’t even recognized the face of those elite daw..haha! eh siempre..pang masa lang ako no? Of course I knew Tim yap’s face coz he joined Celebrity duets…but the rest, di ko naman talaga nakikita, una-I don’t read society page in the Phil Star (most of them yata are writers there) and secondly I don’t buy Preview magazine which according to some commenters eh lagi daw ang mga faces nila don.

But the stories this man is writing..parang telenobela..kaya ako na hook!! Hehe..masa talaga ako..

If you want to read on what’s happening to lives of manila’s elite,click
here at maging isa samga isang milyon na sigurong nagbabasa ng blog nya.

And of course makikisawsaw na din ako..I wish Brian get justice in the end.


  1. hi rocks,

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  2. i take brian's story with a grain of salt.. actually with a lot of salt.

    his site has an average hit of 60,000 a day. that's a lot of money from adsense cpm.