Monday, February 18, 2008

Today is Aris’ birthday, a very special nephew and he’s now 14 years old. How time flies, it seems only yesterday when all of us are excited to see him for the first time.

I remember the time when we cannot hold him unless we disinfect first..haha! that’s how paranoid my cousin was before..

But now, he’s a big teenager and in like any normal teenager, he has to go through some stages and phases too, barkadas, computer games, peer pressure, school works and stuff.

I just wish I could protect him from all the bad elements of this world but of course I can’t. I only pray and hope that he grow up as a fine young man, responsible and God fearing.

I love you Aris!


  1. Happy Birthday to your nephew.

  2. uyy sorry. di ko binasa agad ng mabuti. i thought ikinasal na yung 14 year old mong nephew. Hehe. Sorry.

    well anyway, that's so sweet of you rocks!