Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just wanna blog these text messages I got last february 08..some are quotes and some are personal messages but all of them from people I dearly love.

Girl happy birthday! I pray the Lord grants u d desires of ur heart! Dito pa rin ako and am so glad we became friends

From Cathy ( a very special freind)
at 11:56:56 pm
February 07, 2008

(Heart Graphics)To a dear friend with a beautiful heart ---;<@ Happy Birthday. God bless you!

From Grace ( a dear sister in Christ)
At 12:11:44 am
February 08, 2008

A heart free from sadness, a mind free from worries, a life full of gladness, a body free from illness, a spirit full of God’s love. My prayers for you today and always. Happy Birthday!

From Ate Weng (my eldest sister)
At 06:06:26
February 08, 2008

Maligayang kaarawan mo ngayon, sana maligaya ka at ng iyong mahal na kabiyak sa lahat ng panahon.

From Tatay ( my now texting father..hehe! marunong na magtext!)
at 12:31:18 pm
February 08, 2008

May this morning welcome you with good news, open doors of opportunities, good health and close the gate of failure and worries. miz u! muah..muah..muah!

From Tere ( my bestfriend)At 05:12:55 am
February 08, 2008

Ta, happy birthday po, ano po handa nyo? San po gaganapin?

From Ryan ( my eldest nephew, he’s 10 years old and I love him so much!)
At 10:22:13 am
February 08, 2008

Trust should be the feeling of a 1 year old baby, wen u throw him in the air, he laughs because he knows you will catch him when he falls, keep the faith and be glad..happy birthday!

From Michelle (my closest cousin)
at 07:12:15 am
February 08, 2008

hey, you can grab and use some of those quotes too!
happy hearts day everyone!

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  1. Uyyy... Kelan bday mo? As in Feb 14? Wow. Happy Birthday to you!!

    Happy Valentine's na rin (belated) :D