Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How fast can I type?

Not too fast to get me a typing job or an encoder..but not too slow either..had fun doing this. It was actually a tag from norm, am not tagging anyone muna but I encourage everyone to try it. It's fun!

35 words
I type 178 characters per minute
I have 35 correct words and
I have 0 wrong words

at least walang mali..hehe!

I guess, paractice will make me type faster pa.makapag practice nga.


  1. lolz...sister, oo nga, i figured it out na ikaw si Rocks :)

    oh...and i can type 48 words per minute lang... ahehe

  2. ito result ko:

    You type 296 characters per minute
    You have 57 correct words and
    you have 1 wrong words

    hehehe, play ako ulit. gusto ko higher. :P