Friday, February 08, 2008

35 things/personalities/events I am thankful for

This is not a tag, but since I am turning 35 today, i just thought of writing down at least 35 things I am thankful for

1. my hubby-and all that he does
2. my parents
3. my siblings
4. my nieces and nephews-my constant source of joy
5. my work-ugh!
6. and my bosses ( I have 3 now)
7. Nicole my newest godchild – also a source of our nightly giggles
8. Sundays-my one rest day
9. friends- from the church
10. old friends –tere, tess ate mi,au,kosh at marami pang iba
11. michelle,makoy,pong,fedo and all our AGL friends
12. my cellphone-though it is in bad condition now
13. big brown bag
14. my favorite gold flats
15. my health
16. the treats of eating out soemtimes
17. blog friends
18. my not so new computer here in the office
19. the DSL connection here in the office
20. Mom’s spaghetti and ube (we will feast on it later)
21. dad’s text messages
22. all the birthday messages
23. the new clothes I bought last December (wish I could still buy some)
24. our coming baby ( I know by faith it will come this year)
25. the not so friendly people out there-they give me balance at least
26. the free lunch at the office (and always yummy)
27. the coming (by faith) new computer for me and hubby) lol
28. our bed and pillows
29. all the persons in the whom I respect so much
30. LJBC center (our home)
31. all the past experiences including heartaches and painsI had
32. all the supporters of fishnets ministry
33. all my failures – makes me tougher and stronger
34. the songs composed by hubby
35. lastly..I am thankful I have the LORD, who promised to not leave me nor forsake whatever the circumstances maybe.

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  1. hi rocks!

    'di ako masyadong nakikita sa cyberworld ngaun. pumanaw na kasi lola ko nung thursday.

    hApPy bIrThDaY my dearest. I WISH YOU THE BEST, i know you have some of the best already, so more pa bests pa. :D

    love you friendship! ;)