Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I had a talk with Ate Rose (Our Pastor’s wife) yesterday morning right after our devotion..she asked me if I still have thoughts on leaving this present job and do fulltime ministry..

And I said yes..but still..all those thoughts are just thoughts pa lang..

I actually made that decision last February of 2005 pa..but God has his own timetable..we cannot put things on our hands even it looks so good and noble to us.

But I’m really asking God about it again this time, I actually said if God will ask for my resignation now..why not? He is the boss and the master of my life anyway, ..oh yes, I have soooooo many fears of course but in those fears I know I will learn to trust HIM more and those fears will make me really depend on HIM pa.

And asking begun yesterday..and here’s the first answer, read this in one of my books here at the office..I don’t know how it caught my eye while I was reading another said “ WHEN CHRIST CALLS A MAN HE BIDS HIM COME AND DIE”

It was actually at the back cover of the book entitled “The Cost of discipleship”

So..Is He really calling me?

Unconsciously, I fixed/arranged all my files here at the office this morning


  1. Hello Rocks! buti napadalaw ka sa site ko kasi parang nagkamali yata ako ng link sayo, hindi ako sigurado kung sayo din ba ang blog nato yan kasi ang na add ko sayo, just tell me kung hindi ha para ma delete ko.. add ko rin itong through the rain mo..take care..

  2. sorry ha kung nagkamali ako sa link mo ang dami ko kasing ka xlink that time...thanks nalang at dumalaw ka ulit sa akin..