Thursday, June 14, 2007

fishnets pa rin

and so the meeting with another leader last Thursday went in very well, and he even encouraged us more to just press on for he believes on what we are doing and that he is more than ready to support us. He even said that he'll brng some brochures of the project to Canada next month..:)

But this I realized lately, na this educational assistance project is not an easy ministry, at first I thought it was just fundraising and then giving money to our beneficiaries..or so I thought, here's what we've done ,we made application forms, distributed them, screened applicants, followed up some applicants and finally decided on who will be the scholars and when we had final list which was 3 highschool and 1 college student, here comes more paper works, drfating of the policies and rules, wrote the contract and more forms such as monitoring form..etc..hay! kakapagod din pala..not to mention the late nights meetings we had..not too mention the mas maraming late nights meetings para sa "dinner for a cause" cum launching of the project last May 18.

but then...seeing these young people reaching for thier dreams, all worth it naman lalo na siguro if one day I'll see them having good and decent lives and being able to help thier families na, that is what we are aiming for naman talaga..kaya nga our slogan is "to help them help themselves".

Last night was another puyatan night again, we finished our project proposal to be submitted to Kuya J, kasi a church? from canada daw is looking for a project that they would support so he asked us if we could submit one, hopefully the proposal we made will be approved and they'll support us nga.

for the meantime, I'm busy looking for more supporters,,I was so happy last week when one of our churchmate who's abroad now pledge to support 2thousand a month..God is indeed good and faithful. he has given us this dream and now He will supply our needs. I estimated our weekly allowance for all four students and it's P1,050.00 a week, not too big amount I know..and I am quite confident that we will make it through until the end of school year kahit na we have liitle funds on hand. I trust my GOD.

oh well, sobrang haba na pala nito. It's obvious my mind is filled with "FishNets" work this last few weeks..

I almost forgot that Renz birthday is coming so soon and that i still have lots of planning and coordinating to do kasi it's his 7th birthday and my sister entrusted me to do all the works..I can see more busy days coming up,plus we have this squid ball cart business with michelle, j-mie and venus na will start soon na rin although finish na lahat and konting work na lang, still I have to get my hand on it and hopefully everyhting will turn out fine. We thought of this business kasi we need money for our scholars..naks!

so there..napahaba na talaga.

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