Thursday, August 03, 2006

2nd post pa lang?

oo nga...kainis! kasi naman, can't blog sa wala pa naman me computer sa home, now we're actually praying for it and hoping to have dsl connection din sana..not only for the reason na makap blog ako but rudolf needs it, he wants to learn about recording and arranging music sa computer, that really is the purpose of our asking for a pc..if God will give us a laptop..much much better..hehe!

on the other side, i wanted to learn din digiscrapping which i think all the bloggers out there are into now a mec who inspires me a lot, i know she's also new..but i love her works..and of course aggie who's professional na in loob loob ko lang someday..makakagawa din ako nyan..wait till i have my own Lord, if you gonna give us one yung medyo mataas ang memory..para ok sa music ni rudolf, ok pa sa mga stuff ko.

gotta go again..kasi naka dial up po gamit ko PC ng center..lagpas curfew hours na..dapat lights off na yata kami dito.

till my next! kailan kaya yun? next month? next week or next year? :(

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