Saturday, August 12, 2006

2 bad news

I've got 2 bad news this maybe this will be a sad post.

tuesday afternoon at about 6pm, my sister called up and relayed to me the bad news from the province, my inaanak (godson) -my cousins first son-was hit by a car and was dead on arrival at the hospital.I was shocked, was speechless for a moment, and then i later on learned that he was on the street waiting for a jeep going home from school, he's in grade four..and a car who lost a brake and isang gulong yata na ang mga sakay ay lasing daw..I was may point na tinanong ko talaga si Lord.."bakit mo naman pinabayaan na mangyari yun? you could have saved him"..but God doesn't commit mistakes..i cannot imagine though the pain that my cousin(her mom) has to go through..and all the family as well..unang apo at this kid was so loved by the whole family talaga...and I know i don't have the words to comfort them, for i know in my heart i'm also grieving..I will never see this kid again,i will never see that smile again every christmas day as i give him my gift..goodbye glenn..i'll see you in heaven.

and the next bad news-i got it last friday.
ni-share ng friend ko from cabanatuan na ang isa naming friend ay hiwalay na..yes separated,friend namin sila pareho, and i want to hear from both of them but i guess di pa sila ready to talk. na sad ako kasi may 2 silang anak..and i was witness to thier love story, i saw how they fought for each other during our days at Midway..tapos mauuwi din pala sa wala..although i still hope na they will eventually get back together..sana di pa ganun kalalim ang sugat..sana may chance pa..

so many broken marriage now a days..
so many broken families..
so many confused and lost kids...

haay......sad post talaga..
well..I'm looking for a happy one next's not always like that naman di ba?

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